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For the wedding  organization

The journey that leads to the wedding day can be a very challenging period also it is a state of grace...

Iona ensures that you and your partner is very well prepared to start your marriage journey. She ensures that the venue is booked, the equipment required has been ordered and delivered on time so that you and your family members can enjoy this precious day without burdening with stress.

You get to live in the moment, enjoy your guests and create lifelong memories while Iona and her core team manages the material, equipment, DJ, music list, finances and other organizations for the event. : you get to enjoy the first dance, embarrassing speeches from the audience and build everlasting memories with your newly wedded spouse without any interruptions. 

The engagement time prepares the foundations as a couple for the rest of your life. Instead of preparing the wedding, you get to spend more quality time with each other letting Iona taking care of the necessities.

So, Iona and her team are dedicated to ensuring your wedding day goes according to plan

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When your wedding is in distress,

these are some of the common questions I get calls asking for help regularly

1. What happens when your DJ does not answer his calls or emails?

2. What happens when your caterer quits on you few weeks before the wedding?

3. What happens when you realize suddenly your wedding venue is no longer available?

4. What happens when your family or spouse is too tired and does not want to help you anymore?


When you are a few weeks away from your wedding, your caterer has decided to quit, the DJ doesn’t answer his calls or you learn that your wedding venue is no longer available, Iona comes to the rescue, accompanies you, reassures you finds back-up solutions in a very shorter time. She is very resourceful and knows her strengths very well. She would ensure your wedding goes according to plan regardless of what had happened due to the challenges.  


"Her sense of organization and her ability to manage the unexpected situation while having her lovely smile and her foolproof composure makes her a great asset.


Looking forward to working with Iona again..." Ronan Pensec (famous French cycle racer)

Who would make use of

Iona’s talent?


Iona’s event planning is primarily focused on foreign nationals those who intend to get married in a castle in France, or to reunite with their friends without much hassle or to reconnect with family ties or to simply celebrate their wedding in the most elegant country in the world. She is very resourceful and with her 30 plus years life experience and the ability to speak many languages makes it easier to communicate with anyone. 

Similarly, if you want an elegant wedding in a 17th century-built castle, an evening in a Parisian palace or a garden party or a   Iona will explore with you all the ways to make the impossible a possibility.

Iona will Bring your heart desires to life

Iona Stefani Events is distinguished by:

.Very personalized support in accordance with your expectations

. she actively listens to your needs

. she has a very selective network of high-end partners she works with

. a wide variety of venues of excellence to ensure you have an extraordinary wedding


Iona organizes very creative scenography; she can find talented tailors to customize dresses to fit yours and your partner’s desires Iona communicates clearly with the stakeholders involved and ensures everything goes according to plan

Fêtes Privées


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Vos évènements privés

Fête de fiançailles, baptêmes, anniversaire de mariage, ou autre évènement familial : n'hésitez pas à échanger avec moi sur votre projet !

Evénements Divers
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