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Iona Stefani

Wedding planner since 2007

After spending several years planning, organizing and supporting the personal and professional lives of institutional personalities, I have chosen to offer my talents to support engaged couples in the organization of their wedding.

A few months later, some priests to be came to me and asked me some help. I know the Church, so I could answer : Here I am.

And I became a "priestly and  episcopal ordination planner" !

Donnez vie à vos envies

Iona Stefani Events is distinguished by:

  • Very personalized support in accordance with your expectation

  • she actively listens to your needs

  • she has a very selective network of high-end partners she works with a wide variety of venues of excellence to ensure you have an extraordinary wedding

  • Iona organizes very creative scenography; she can find talented tailors to customize dresses to fit yours and your partner’s desires

  • Iona communicates clearly with the stakeholders involved and ensures everything goes according to plan

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